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Updated: August 2015

McKinley and your Health Insurance:

Your Health Care as a U of I Student
FAQs: McKinley Health Center Student Health Insurance Non-University Health Insurance
Who is covered? All full-time students have paid the mandatory health service fee that gives you access to McKinley. Optional coverage is available for part-time students. Students who have paid the University health insurance fee. To decline this coverage you must annually complete and submit an exemption form proving you have equivalent coverage. Students who are enrolled in insurance plans of their parents, employer, or government funded plans.
What do they offer? Basic primary medical care, gynecological exams, and mental health services. Prescription and non-prescription drugs. Immunizations. Worldwide primary, specialty, emergency, and hospital;-based medical care for illness and injury. Mental health services. Prescription drug discount card. Most plans offer primary, specialty, emergency, and hospital-based medical care. Some cover other services and prescription drugs.
Will I have to pay for each visit? There is no charge for a kept appointment. There is a co-pay or a charge for prescriptions. Cost of immunizations vary. You will have to pay an annual deductible and in most cases a % of the bill for each visit. Some plans require you stay in a network of doctors, get referrals, or pre-approval.
Hours of operation? Clinic Hours*:
Mon-Fri: 8am-5:30pm
Sat: 8am-4:30pm
*during academic year
Providers' hours vary Providers' hours vary
How can I get more info? Dial-A-Nurse (advise):

Web site:

The Insurance Office:

Web site:

Check your schedule of benefits or call your insurance provider (or parents).

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