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Updated: July 2012

PTR - Patient Test Results (online)

Details about online Medical Test Results….

When your provider orders lab tests, x-rays or other tests, the results are reviewed by clinical staff as the tests arrive. Emergencies and critical abnormalities are dealt with immediately - it's important McKinley has correct contact information (phone, e-mail, and address details) in this situation.

For non-emergencies, McKinley uses the online Patient Test Results system to provide test results quickly and conveniently. If you prefer to NOT receive your test results online via the MyMcKinley service, ask any of the McKinley Health Center receptionists about closing your online PTR account.

When your results are complete and reviewed, a tailored message is created and made available using the MyMcKinley “view messages” portal on our website. An e-mail is sent alerting you that the message is available.

The e-mail alert message contains a special code that enables you to access the test result information. You'll also step through a simple authentication process in the web portal. This new process allows you to quickly get private, secure test results 24 hours a day, from any internet access point. 

If you ever need to close your electronic test result account, simply ask any clerk for the Patient Test Result Account Manager Form. Once your account is closed it must stay closed for at least 2 weeks. It could take 2-3 business days to close or reopen your account after your request.

For patients choosing not to use the electronic test result system, you'll need to contact your provider's office nurse (phone numbers) during normal hours. Dial-A-Nurse does not have access to patient test results.

Some test results are available within a day or two, but others take more time, especially tests sent to an outside reference laboratory. For example, Pap tests take 10-14 days, but blood chemistries are completed in a day or so.


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