Instructions for Vaginal Penetration Improvement

Relaxation and Vaginal Insertion

There are some techniques that can be utilized to help increase comfort with vaginal penetration and intercourse. The techniques involve learning to relax the muscles surrounding the vagina, known as the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, (becoming familiar with your genital anatomy), and practicing progressive insertion and movement of fingers, or safe, clean items for purpose of stretching the vaginal opening. Outlined below are the steps for utilizing these techniques. It will be important to find times at regular intervals when you have privacy and sufficient time to relax and practice. Some increased comfort may be noticed soon, and it may take several weeks of practicing. Relaxing, practicing, and being patient all help bring about progress. These techniques may be practiced alone, or with a partner. Being able to relax with the partner would be especially important if that person is involved from the beginning. Some individuals begin the early steps alone, then involve the partner once comfort level has increased with the steps.

Relaxing the PC MusclesImage of external female genetalia.

  1. Tighten (squeeze) the PC muscles as if you were trying to stop urinating in midstream. You can try this, the first few times while urinating to see if you are tightening the correct muscles. Hold and count to three. In general, you should perform the PC exercises with your bladder empty.
  2. Relax and stop squeezing.
  3. Repeat steps one and two 10 times.
  4. Practice this technique twice each day.

Insertion technique

Step one

  1. Wash hands first (a shower or bath may also help you relax). Lie down with your knees up and legs apart. You may find it easier to use a hand mirror to view your genital area.
  2. Find the vaginal opening and separate the inner lips (labia). Start by exploring the vaginal opening with your finger. You can use a little lubricant, such as K-Y Jelly, or Astroglide, or Probe (any water-based personal lubricant) on your finger to rub around the vaginal opening. Remember to relax, and breathe easily. Place one finger into the vagina. Never force your finger into the vagina. Slight pushing should be enough. Squeeze the PC muscles, and feel the tightening around your finger. Try to keep the rest of your body relaxed except the PC muscles. Do not bear down, or squeeze your thigh, back or abdominal muscles. Then relax the PC muscle. Remove your fingers and repeat these steps two or three times.
  3. Once you can comfortably insert one finger into the vagina, you can progress to trying two fingers, or use a clean instrument (tampon inserter, syringe holder, vibrator or dildo). Apply some lubricant to the end of the instrument before you insert it into the vagina.

Step Two

  1. Again, find the vaginal opening and separate the labia. Remember to relax, and breathe easily. Tighten the PC muscle as outlined above, and then relax. Begin sliding the lubricated instrument into the vagina. You may need to slip it in slowly. If it is uncomfortable, stop and lie still, and relax, and then try again. One you have inserted the instrument, tighten the PC muscle again, and hold the instrument so it doesn’t slip out. Then relax the PC muscle.
  2. Withdraw your fingers or the instrument and then reinsert it several times for a period of 5-10 minutes.
  3. Remember, never force your fingers or the instrument. Slight pushing should be enough for insertion.
  4. You will know when the instrument is in fully when it won’t go in the vagina any further, even with relaxed pushing.
  5. Leave the instrument in for a minute or two to experience the “feel” inside the vagina. Now slide it out gently, wash the instrument (or if disposable, discard). If you have accomplished Step Two with little difficulty, go ahead to Step Three.

Step Three

Again, find the vaginal opening and separate the labia. Lubricate the instrument, insert it in the vagina and hold it there for several minutes. Repeat this step until you are able to keep the instrument in comfortably for 10 minutes. Once you have accomplished this step, you may move to Step Four.

Step Four

Repeat the steps of finding the vaginal opening, being sure to stay relaxed, and insert the lubricated instrument. Hold it in place for a minute, then wiggle it gently side to side and in and out.

Once comfort is reached with the above steps of touch, insertion, and movement of the instrument within the vagina, the individual can move to trying penetration of the vagina by the penis of the partner (if appropriate and desired), or to penetration with an instrument of larger size than originally utilized. If you have any questions or problems during any of the steps, call the health care provider at McKinley with whom you have been talking.