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Updated: July 2016

Business Office

Map to Business Office - 1st floor, east building, east side
 Fees, Dates and Deadlines

Fees: Summer 2016  Fall 2016 Spring 2017
Enrolled Student Fee  $ 116.00  $ 231.00  $ 231.00
Extension Fee (non-enrolled)*  $ 174.00  $ 347.00  $ 347.00
Graduate Spousal Fee**  $ 149.00  $ 297.00  $ 297.00
Graduate Domestic Partner Fee***  $ 149.00  $ 297.00  $ 297.00

*Extended coverage is available for one semester immediately following your last enrollment in which you paid the Health Service Fee.

**To purchase Graduate Spousal Fee Coverage you need to bring the following items with you:

  • A copy of your marriage license
  • Proof of major medical health insurance

***To purchase Graduate Domestic Partner Fee Coverage you must also complete the following form and bring it to the McKinley Health Center Business Office:

 Dates and Deadlines

May 16, 2016 Students enrolled for Summer 2016 begin eligibility
May 28, 2016 Last day for Spring 2016 coverage
August 8, 2016 First day of eligibility for Fall 2016 semester
August 20, 2016 Last day for Summer 2016 coverage. Classes begin 8/22/16
September 13, 2016 Last day for grad students to purchase McKinley coverage for spouses for Fall semester
January 16, 2017 Last day of eligibility for Fall 2016-2017 semester

If you have any additional questions regarding fees, dates and deadlines, please call the Business Office at 333-2719.

 Health Care Coverage Information

Health Service Fee
The fee schedule is fixed based on the number of semester hours for which you are registered - this fee cannot be waived. Students exempt from this fee because they are enrolled in Credit Range III or IV, may obtain services by paying the semester fee at the McKinley Health Center Business Office.

The Health Service Fee covers office visits with doctors, nurse practitioners, mental health therapists and health educators, as well as most x-rays and laboratory tests at no additional out-of-pocket expense. Many immunizations and medications are offered at low cost or no cost.

The Health Service Fee does not pay for:

  • Care received outside McKinley Health Center
  • Immunizations required by law prior to entrance to the University
  • Travel immunizations
  • Referrals - Sometimes a McKinley physician may feel it is appropriate to refer a patient to a community specialist. Charges for these outside services are the responsibility of the student, but may be covered by insurance. We recommend that you check with your insurance carrier before receiving medical services outside McKinley Health Center.

The Student Health Insurance Plan, administered by the University, covers care that is not available at McKinley Health Center, such as hospitalization, specialty care and care away from campus. It is not necessary for students to be seen or referred by a McKinley physician in order to receive the benefits of the plan; and students are still eligible to receive care at McKinley even if the Student Insurance program is waived. Call the Student Insurance Office at 333-0165 for more information about the plan.  Some families choose to keep students on the family's plan and waive Student Insurance. If this option is chosen, there can be some unexpected consequences. The major problem occurs when the family plan requires service to be provided in the home community. In a situation where a student has to travel home to see a specialist or receive other treatment unavailable at McKinley Health Center, the inconvenience and additional time away from classes can be a burden.

 Additional Information

Payment Options
McKinley Health Center accepts cash, checks, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards, debit cards, or student account.


Contact Us
Telephone: (217) 333-2719

Mailing Address:

McKinley Health Center
Business Office
Room 111
1109 South Lincoln Avenue
Urbana, Illinois  61801
Campus Mail Code - 026

McKinley Business Office Hours
Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm (8am-4:30pm Summer), excluding all campus holidays.

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