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The Affordable Care Act and University of Illinois Students

The Affordable Care Act requires that insurance plans cover certain contraception expenses and certain vaccination services. Students at the University of Illinois are required to have health insurance. Therefore, students may have part or all of the costs of these services covered by their insurance plan, depending on the provisions of their individual plan.

Individuals with Student Insurance provided by the University of Illinois may be eligible for reimbursement on select contraceptive agents and vaccinations, subject to the restrictions of the carrier.

For more information about contraceptive agents covered by University of Illinois Student Insurance, please visit:

Students on a brand formulation of a contraceptive agent that is not listed as a free agent should contact their provider to see if a switch to another medication is appropriate, in order to obtain the no charge contraception.

Those individuals with private insurance (i.e. health insurance from sources, other than Student Insurance from the University of Illinois) may also be eligible for free contraception benefits. Individuals with private insurance should contact their insurer for a list of medications covered by their plan, and should also investigate how to take advantage of the provisions of their individual insurance plan.

For example, some private insurance will only cover costs incurred for a limited list of contraception products, and may also require that a student use a specific “in network” pharmacy.

Students should save any receipts that they receive from McKinley Health Center for any incurred charges. Students may need those receipts to give to the insurer if a claim is submitted for reimbursement, if permitted by the insurance carrier. Students should also retain a copy of any receipts they receive from McKinley Health Center for their future reference.

For information about vaccinations typically covered by health insurance through the Affordable Care Act requirements, visit:

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