Dry Skin

Dry skin is a very common problem with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. The climate in central Illinois and specifically Champaign-Urbana makes dry skin symptoms more severe, especially for our students who come from more humid geographical areas. Winter is especially drying here due to high wind (with nothing to block it), cold dry air, and indoor heating systems that can substantially dry indoor air.

Dry skin can affect any part of the body, as the only significant oil glands we have are on the "T-zone" of the central face, armpits, and groin. Arms and legs are most frequently affected. The most common symptom is itching, which can be mildly annoying to severely intense, often disturbing sleep. The most severe form of dry skin is called Nummular Eczema (comes from Nummus meaning coin-shaped). It appears as circular pink to red patches of dry, rough, and flaky skin on the arms and legs, primarily, or the trunk. The mid-back between the shoulderblades is often affected by both dry skin and Nummular Eczema. This area is also the most difficult area for a person to reach with lotion.

Symptoms of any other skin condition are often worsened by dry skin. Things you can do to help your skin: