McKinley Health Center - Fitness resources


Exercise 101

Exercise 101 is a fitness class is offered at McKinley Health Center in the Lower Level gym. Exercise 101 is an introductory class where you can learn basic movements and how to exercise using proper form and technique. This class will give you guidance to avoid injury and prepare you to exercise in a larger gym setting.

Running Programs

Couch to 5K is offered in the spring semester and is a great way to prepare for the Illinois Marathon 5K. This is an eight-week program and we run three times per week as a group.

Workout Wednesday

Find all of your workout videos on McKinley Health Center’s YouTube channel. A new workout and video demonstration are posted every Wednesday. You can find workouts for both upper and lower body, bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance bands and more.

Fitness Videos

Go to McKinley’s YouTube channel to find all of our workout videos. Different options are available: bodyweight, dumbbell, HIIT, kettlebell, resistance bands and outdoor workouts. You can also find full 40 minute videos to follow along with at home.

Individual Appointments

McKinley’s Fitness Health Educator is available to help with exercise prescription, fitness equipment demonstration and fitness assessments (body composition, blood pressure, strength and flexibility, etc). Call 217-333-2714 to schedule today!

Fitness Workshops

Getting Started

Ever wanted to know how to start an exercise program the correct way? This interactive discussion presents a proper foundation for someone who is interested in getting into fitness and exercise. This presentation focuses on the major aspects of physical health: muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular exercise and flexibility training. Each of these areas are discussed in a way that allows anyone to learn about starting an exercise program.

No Gym? No weights? No problem!

Do you ever cancel your workout because you cannot get to the gym? Whether at home or outdoors, you can create a total body workout with minimal equipment. This presentation reveals exercise techniques that can be performed in places ranging from dorm rooms to recreational parks. Resistance/anaerobic and cardio/aerobic exercises are included in the presentation along with fitness recommendations.