(Request a Workshop) All requests must be made at least 2 weeks in advance!


Reminders for requester:

  • Need to have at least 10 students in attendance
  • Please post flyers on your floor or in hall, post on social media, email your group members, etc. to promote the workshop at least one week in advance. We can provide you a flyer, just ask!
  • Provide incentives for the audience (small prize or food)
  • Meet the Sexual Health Peer who is presenting 5-10 minutes before the start of the program in the commons area or outside the front door (especially if entrance will be locked)
  • Please let us know if anyone attending this program may require any accommodations

Description of Workshops:

Is this normal? Is this supposed to feel good? In this workshop, our goal is talk about the many messages we receive about sex. We want to help bring visibility to sexuality information that is often stigmatized and excluded from the “norm”.  From good sex to bad sex, period sex to no sex, peer educators help to normalize conversations about different aspects of sexuality and sexual health to help you feel comfortable and confident making sexual choices. Great for established groups!

Hooking up, talking, dating, commitment- whatever you call it, let’s talk about how to keep relationships safe, healthy, and happy. In this workshop peer educators will walk the audience through identifying values, determining wants and needs, and how to communicate these things. Interactive and discussion based.

In this safer sex workshop, peer educators will discuss a full spectrum of sexual behaviors, identify risk, and develop safer practices. Different sexual behaviors, techniques, and sexual aids are discussed in this workshop with an emphasis on pleasure & safety. Our most requested program.

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