Important Fall 2020 Update: Requirements & Expectations - From Chancellor Jones on August 3rd (

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Summary: Mandatory testing will be required twice a week for all students, faculty and staff. The testing is free and there are multiple testing sites located on campus. If you have questions about on-campus testing contact the COVID Wellness Answer Center by email at or call 217-333-1900.

Champaign-Urbana Public Health District will contact individuals who test positive for COVID-19. Test results from the campus SHIELD initiative are unavailable for review by most caregivers who work for McKinley.  Official reports can be obtained through contact with McKinley Medical Records.

Testing: All official compliance testing under the campus SHIELD initiative is saliva based and performed on campus.  We estimate a small percentage of individuals will not produce adequate amounts of saliva and will therefore require another method of collection.  Students may upload reports from other test sites onto the COVID clinic site (vs the McKinley medical record) by following the upload directions on the My McKinley portal.   McKinley will have a self-administered but supervised anterior nasal surveillance method to offer students who qualify for an exemption to saliva-based testing.  This workflow will be a part of the campus SHIELD initiative and results will be housed in the COVID clinic under SHIELD.  All COVID testing done as a part of care delivered at McKinley will be symptom based and conducted in accordance with McKinley care protocols.

Safety Training: For your safety and others, we encourage everyone to complete the mandatory COVID-19 Safety Training course.  The training provides a good source of information about health and safety issues.

Student Wellness Ambassadors: Throughout the campus Student Wellness Ambassadors will support and educate the campus community around COVID-19 educational efforts by providing health and wellness resources, promoting prevention behaviors and advocating for on-campus COVID--19 testing and the flu shot.

McKinley Visits:  McKinley will conduct a mix of telehealth and face-to-face visits throughout the fall semester for students who are eligible to receive services. All appointments must be scheduled. For face-to-face encounters, all students must be fully compliant with campus testing requirements except when waived for urgent care need.  All persons entering the building will be pre-screened with a temperature check. Visits associated with respiratory complaints may require COVID testing and negative results within 72 hours prior to the visit and the onset of symptoms, before being seen for a scheduled appointment.  At the outset of the semester and until the campus incidence of COVID is under control, all but required face-to-face visits will be handled via telehealth for the first encounter and then scheduled based on the advice of the provider.

Flu Shots:  Flu shots will be available beginning September 14th.  It is more important than ever to get your flu shot this season.  Because of the capacity limits in the McKinley building, flu shots will be available at a location directly outside McKinley and various outreach locations on campus.  Please stay tuned to updates on McKinley’s website.

Mission Vision Values: McKinley adheres to the mission of student health and wellness and will be available to support all our campus-based community.  Our values of safety first followed by quality and service has driven McKinley to excellence in the care we all enjoy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 - 10:30