Women's Health Mission Statement

The mission of the Women's Health Department at McKinley Health Center is to offer quality care to women by providing preventive care, treatment and management of health related issues, with emphasis on reproductive health.  We empower women through educational and emotional support by providing care in an approachable, caring and professional atmosphere.

Services include routine exams, pap smears, contraception, sexually transmitted infection screening and treatment, breast exams and pregnancy options counseling. We also provide colposcopy exams, evaluation and treatment of menstrual irregularities and other health problems and concerns related to women's health. We strive to provide the education that our patients need to make informed decisions regarding their health care.

Hours: 8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday (8 am-4:30pm Summer)

Phone (to schedule an appointment or talk to a nurse): 217-333-2700 and select Women's Health.

Exams are Provided by appointment only.

If you have more questions, try visiting the Women's Health FAQ


Getting Ready for an appointment? 

The Women's Health Patient Questionnaire can be downloaded from our website. This will save you time when you bring the completed form to your upcoming appointment.


Considering Birth Control? 

Birth Control Education Class is recommended for those desiring to begin first-time use of any hormonal contraception (birth control pills, the patch, Nuva Ring®, Depo-Provera®, IUD’s and Nexplanon®) method. It's an excellent opportunity to learn about new methods of birth control.  Even if you've used birth control pills in the past, you may find the information to be very informative.

If possible, take the class online prior to coming in for your women's health exam.  This allows you to talk with your healthcare provider about the specific method you're interested in, and a prescription can be provided at that visit.


  • IUD’s and Nexplanon

Charges for these services are the responsibility of the student, but may be covered by insurance. We recommend that you check with your insurance carrier before receiving medical services outside McKinley Health Center.