Student Advisory Board


Student Advisory Board - Mission Statement

The Mission of the McKinley Health Center Advisory Board is to:

  • Serve as a liaison between students and the staff and administration of the Health Center.

  • Inform students of special health problems on campus.

  • Create awareness of both general and special services offered by the Health Center.

  • Promote the general welfare and health of the student community.

  • Review and evaluate programs, services, and policies of the Health Center.

  • Provide a mechanism for student consumer complaints, excluding any review of medical competence.

  • Opportunity to participate in the selection process for all new professional staff, physicians, health educators, administrators, and such others as may be appropriate and timely.

  • Consult with the Director of Health Service on policies for the operation and management of the Health Center.

  • Offer recommendations for new programs or modifications of existing programs. (These policies shall in no way detail the actual practice of medicine.)

  • Review the annual budget proposal with the Director in advance of its presentation to the Service Fee Advisory Committee.

  • Provide such other advice on health and Health Center matters as the Vice-Chancellor might request.


Student Advisory Board Members

  • Director: Dr. Robert Parker
  • Ex-Officio: Kim Dalluge
  • Faculty/Staff members: Susan Hessee, Dr. Robert Woodward, Judy Rubenacker, Tekita Bankhead
  • Undergraduate members: Yarit Alcantara, Anand-Haran (Co-Chair), Michael Issacson, Madison Larocca, Hilary Pham, Shelby Sears – 1 vacancy
  • Graduate Student members: Lauren Becherer (Co-Chair) – 2 vacancies


Minutes from recent McKinley Student Advisory board meetings:


How YOU can get involved

Each spring semester - undergraduate, graduate, and the faculty/staff members of the board shall be appointed by the Illinois Student Government (ISG) - subject to approval by the office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs. Look for campus committee applications in the ISG office, 2nd floor Illini Union, in early March 2017 or online at Student Affairs - Welcome to Campus Committees