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McKinley Health Center provides high-quality ambulatory healthcare and health education to students. Keep up to date on health and wellness topics to keep you well to excel by following us on social media, viewing our videos & tuning in to our podcast. 

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McKinley creates a wide variety of videos on health and wellness topics that can be viewed on our YouTube Channel. Here are a few of our playlists to check out.

Illinois Cooking Show: Kale Yes!

Kale Yes! is a cooking series where a McKinley dietitian walks through the process of making easy, fast, and high-quality recipes for anyone to enjoy- especially our Illinois students.

Kale Yes Playlist

Full Body Workouts for Men and Women

At home workouts! Check out some of these workouts to stay active while at home. Want to know how to properly work out different muscle groups like abs, glutes, chest, or arms? The McKinley Health Center's Workout Wednesday Series has everything you need.

Full Body Workout Playlist

Dorm Advice! Winter Edition (McKinley Health Center)

How to stay healthy during the winter season while in a dorm or dorming. This applies to incoming freshmen, current freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and even seniors! Whether staying in on-campus dorms or an off-campus apartment, it is important to remember your health and wellbeing.

Dorm Advice Playlist


Healthy Illini Podcast

Tune in to the Healthy Illini Podcast to hear our host lead healthcare professionals, campus experts, and students in engaging conversations about health topics that will help you enhance your overall wellbeing. We have over 100 episodes and growing where you will find something of interest to connect with. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other popular podcast platforms.

Healthy Illini Playlist