Laboratory FAQs

When can I expect to receive my lab results? 

Results are generally available within four to five business days. 

How will I receive my test results? 

Results may be communicated by phone, in person, or via secure message on your patient portal. If your results are sent via secure message, you will receive an email directing you to view your results using MyMcKinley.  If you do not receive an email notification or phone call, you may call (217) 333-2701 for assistance with results.  Note: the Laboratory cannot provide test results. 

Are there restrictions following a blood draw? 

  • Apply pressure to the draw site as you leave the building. 
  • Do not carry your backpack or purse on the shoulder of the arm that blood was drawn from for 30 minutes 
  • The gauze bandage can be removed after 20 minutes 

Are there tests that McKinley does not do? 

Yes, common testing that the McKinley lab does not do includes: 

  • Recreational drug testing 
  • Allergy testing 
  • Lupus panel 
  • Celiac panel 

Please ask your provider if you have a question regarding approved testing at McKinley. 

Do I need to see a provider to have lab testing done at McKinley? 

Yes, unless your healthcare provider at home has ordered testing for you. You may schedule an appointment by calling (217) 333-2700. Please be aware that some testing cannot be drawn after 3 p.m. on Fridays.